Photography and Video Recording Restrictions at Werner Park in Omaha Nebraska

Are you planning to attend a fun run in Omaha Nebraska and want to know what type of photography or video recording you can do? Portable video cameras can be brought to Werner Park for personal use, as long as the action of the game is not recorded, as prohibited by Minor League Baseball. Single-frame photography is allowed at all times. Professional photographic equipment, cameras with lenses larger than four inches, and camera mounts are not allowed. It is recommended that fans avoid standing in corridors while using this equipment. When taking pictures, fans should not obstruct other people's vision and should refrain from using tripods, monopods, and other camera supports.

Werner Park's lighting is bright enough that flash photography is not necessary or allowed inside the stadium. Video recording violates the stadium or team's contractual agreements with local media and national broadcasters. It is accepted to record interactions between friends or members of the public, provided that no reference is made to the place, the team or the athletes. Paging is only available in cases of extreme emergency and is at the discretion of the management of Omaha Storm Chasers. Benefits include a free ticket to Sunday home games, free access to the Centris Family Fun Zone on Sundays, where children are the first to reach the base, as well as a free t-shirt.

To receive free access (up to four attendees) to the Centris Family Fun Zone, fans can show their Centris ATM or Visa credit or debit card upon entering. An entrance allows access to the public areas of Werner Park. Any attempt to enter private or team areas of the park without the permission of the management of Omaha Storm Chasers will result in immediate expulsion. Johnny Palermo, a former Omaha police officer who was indicted by the federal government in April for 15 felonies related to fraud, is expected to plead guilty to one or more of the charges next month. The official Omaha Storm Chasers multimedia guide is available for purchase at the Storm Front team store. The management of the Omaha Storm Chasers may be expelled from Werner Park if the management of the Omaha Storm Chasers so decides.

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